Aegean Diving Services Greek operational base is located on the island of Crete and is approved by the Hellenic Coast Guard holding all relevant permits, insurances and procedures to operate safely and within Hellenic diving law.

Aegean Diving Services has been operating in Greece for over 5 years. 

Aegean Diving Services are at the forefront of diving safety in Greece

All of Aegean Diving Services operations are conducted using industry standard surface supplied diving equipment and procedures in accordance with international regulations. 

ADS prides itself on safety and commitment to quality. It is for these reasons Aegean Diving Services client base includes the US Navy, Hellenic Navy and the British Royal Navy.

In addition to supplying routine underwater maintenance services, ADS has conducted works varying from small repairs to large scale engineering operations.

The highest profile operation saw a combined effort of Phoenix Holdings International, US Navy diving units and Aegean Diving Services complete the world's first waterborne removal and replacement of a US Naval Frigates Hub (USS TAYLOR) in Souda Bay, Crete.  A great example of Aegean Diving Services ability to adapt and integrate experience and knowledge for a common goal.

Aegean Diving Services was awarded the contract for the supply of surface demand equipment and training to the Hellenic Navy, both at Souda Bay and Salamis Naval Bases. ADS continues to work closely with the HN in the development of Diving Standards in Greece.