Inspection Repair, Maintenance & Construction

Aegean Diving Services can offer the following inspection services;

  • CCTV
  • Photographic
  • NDT

Mooring / Anchoring System installation and maintenance;

Aegean Diving Services has experience in the installation and maintenance of mooring and anchoring systems. Notable projects include the installation of 177 moorings for the UK's largest floating solar farm on the outskirts of London. ADS has also be contracted to install floating pontoons and associated moorings for the US Navy.

Other services provided, but not limited to;

  • Wet Welding
  • Underwater Cutting and Burning
  • Concreting and Reinforcement
  • Pile Wrapping and Anode Installation

Aegean Diving Services is an approved installer for HCL Fasteners Ltd in both the UK and Greece.

  • HCL Marine Pile Protection
  • HCL  Cathodic Clamping, ICCP Installation
  • HCL Renewables Cable Clamping Solutions

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